TNAS – Pool Dehumidifacition Unit

Moisture and condensing water released in indoor pools cause serious structural damage to buildings, but also shortens the life of the building. High capacity pool dehumidification plants designed by TEZEL engineers provide all comfort conditions and guarantee to extend the structural life of the building. 2.500 m3/h – 25.000 m3/h flow rate range from 20 kg/h dehumidification value up to 160 kg / h dehumidification capacity is produced.

TEZEL, pool dehumidification plants have the technology to provide comfort conditions with the most appropriate and operating costs in terms of the most efficient product offers high quality.

At first, pool surface area, pool water temperature and ambient temperature based on the pool dehumidification plants, heat recovery system can easily provide all kinds of comfort conditions. Tezel pool dehumidification plants used with the automation package and software to separate the day and night operation of unnecessary energy consumption is prevented.

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