TAKF – Acoustic Insulated Duct Fan

Our acoustic insulated Channel fans are produced in line with TSE en 60335-1 and TSE EN 60335-2-80 standards in the range of 560-5600 m3/h as 8 models.

* The case is made of galvanized steel plate.

* It works at very low volume thanks to the L0mm acoustic insulation we cover on the inner wall.

* Designed for use with rectangular channels

* Thanks to the intervention cover, the engine has the ability to be intervened without being disassembled.

* Fan case is manufactured with flange.

* It is aimed to have a sealed structure by pulling 50 micron silicon tapes to the edges of the case.

It is designed by TEZEL engineers to meet the ventilation needs of industrial, residential and commercial areas such as shopping centers, hotels, commercial establishments, factories, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities. Our fans, which are offered to our customers by performing flow rate, pressure, decibel and warm-up tests in our laboratories, offer excellent solutions.

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