TDBF – Roof Fan With Vertical Throw

External motor roof fans tdbf35, TDBF40, TDBF45, tdbf50, tdbf56, tdbf63, TDBF71 as seven models, TS en 60335-1 and TS en 60335-2-80 are produced in accordance with the standards.

For our fans that provide air flow in the range of 2500m3/h – 13000m3/h, NICOTRA and equivalent quality plug fans with high efficiency and low volume are used.

Radial roof fan has been specially designed by TEZEL engineers for domestic flue gas evacuation applications, hood flue applications and high pressure flue applications where quiet and long-term operation is required.

Our external motor roof fans, which are offered to our customers by conducting flow, pressure, decibel and warm-up tests in our laboratories, offer excellent solutions especially in oily and hot environments due to the fact that the engine is out of air flow.

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