THMF-E – Kitchen Egzost Fan With Electrostatic Filter

Our kitchen exhaust fans with electrostatic filter are manufactured in accordance with TSE 60335-1 and TSE 60335-2-80 standards as THMF-E50, THMF-E75, THMF-E100, THMF-E150, THMF-E225, in capacity ranges of 5000-22500 m3/h.

Activated Carbon Filter

The filters, which are produced from galvanized metal in the form of cylinders, have a very high odor retention capacity. Cylinder cartridges are filled with pellet activated carbon granules and can be replaced by opening cylinder doors when needed. Models with 4,6,8 or 16 cartridges are available, depending on air flow and location of use.Thanks to the panels placed on the covers, montesi and demontesi can be made easily. There is a gasket between the mounting case and the cover.

Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic filter systems use the principle of air absorption. The air is drawn by the fan / motor. Dirty air passes through the metal oil filter with washable metal grating. These filter traps block large dust particles. The remaining particles are loaded with a strong electric charge (including some particles as small as 0.01 µm). It is filtered by passing through the high voltage electric field (ionized U. N.). The charged particles move to the side of a series of collector aluminum plates along with evenly spaced parallel plates. Each alternative palakas is tehsil with the same polarity. As a result, it collects, purifies and returns sterile with the method of repelling.

TEZEL our brand devices are glued on air; toxic chemical waste gas oil, smoke or odour molecules in the ionization section of high voltage electrical load by loading the Collector installed against the surface like a magnet sticks to the sections collection. The Collector filter is easily removed by removing it, washed and cleaned, and then inserted back into its nest when it dries. When the device is activated, it is ready and ready to go.